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This Act By Sikh Villagers Prove Humanity Is Above All #CommunalHarmony

This Act By Sikh Villagers Prove Humanity Is Above All #CommunalHarmony RVCJ Media


This Act By Sikh Villagers Prove Humanity Is Above All #CommunalHarmony

When the whole nation is fighting for being called backward. And, there is an alarming rise in terms of communal violence. This act in Jagraon, Ludhiana just melted our heart, the fight between Sikh and Muslim is age-old and the extremists are leaving no stone unturned to bitter this relation.

But the villagers of this village just proved everyone wrong and went way ahead is spreading the message of love and brotherhood. In this small village where mostly Sikh people resides, a mosque which was almost decade-old was getting ruined. Also, only one Muslim family resided in the Malla Village of Jagraon. So, what seemed but natural to other, to let the mosque collapsed, seemed like a challenge to the Sikh community here.

Everybody in the village contributed towards the cause and were determined to renovate the mosque. After the construction was done, the Sikh people are arranged for a Langar for the whole village, where around 5,000 people resides. The mosque seems like a ray of hope to the Muslim family and they have only words of appreciation and gratitude for the people there.

“Our Sikh brothers have always stood by us. And today, they helped rebuild our place of worship. We cannot thank them enough,” said Iqbal Hussain.


The mosque was inaugurated on Monday by the Shahi Imam, Punjab, Muhammad UsmaanLudhianvi who stated, “The Malla village mosque was closed in 1947 after its run-down building collapsed. About six months ago, we approached the villagers, seeking their help to renovate it. Even as the village has just one Muslim family, the response had been overwhelming.”

Another person, Jogi Verma from the village who lives near the mosque said, “We are proud of the fact that our village represents unity in diversity.”

Truly, this one-act has changed the live of one family. All we need now is change in this country where people are continuously fighting and putting the blame on each other.

We wish the world actually become a better place to live in..

Imagine there’s no countries
It isn’t hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace… —– John Lennon!

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