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Actors Use These 10 Secret Techniques To Make Their Characters Live Forever

Actors Use These 10 Secret Techniques To Make Their Characters Live Forever RVCJ Media


Actors Use These 10 Secret Techniques To Make Their Characters Live Forever

The job of actors is considered most convenient, secure, full of privileges and perks. But no one understands the value of sacrifices they do and problems they go through to ace the character they are playing.

The fees they get doesn’t come easily to them. To earn it they have to please the masses who love to find small mistakes and criticise their work.

But these actors are some high spirited humans. They love to take challenges, correct their mistakes, learn new things and entertain the audience even more.

As I mentioned above, the actors have to go through a lot of pain to get into the skin of the character. Sometimes they dive so deep into the character that they find hard to come back.

Here is a list of secret tasks that actors do to perform their role.

1. Jumping into a new reality

Actors have to learn the art of jumping into more than one realities. It means they should be able to divert themselves from the personal problems, sadness or happiness according to the requirement of role they are playing.

2. Identifying or relating with the character’s lifestyle

Sometimes the actors have to understand the character from its roots and make it their own. If the character has negative shades than the actor has to agree and believe in what the character believes in.

To make it happen, they isolate themselves and spend a lot of time in understanding the psychology of the character. After everything, they try to see the world through their eyes and express accordingly.

3. Learning the art of facial expressions

Actors have to be expert in the art of facial expressions and for this have to feel the emotions of the character from deep. They also go through some sort of warm-up for facial muscles before filming a scene.

4. Recalling a memory

Before shooting for a scene, actors try to remind happy or sad memories. It is done to set the mood according to the mood of a particular scene.

5. Meditation

A calm mind is very important to give the best shot. Actors practice meditation so that they can control their senses during the shoot.

6. Watching movies for reference

While studying the characters, the actors take a lot of reference from documentaries and films. It’s a common practice to watch several old films before starting the shooting of a new film.

7. Comfort

Comfort is really important for the stars. When millions of people are watching you onscreen you can’t be awkward; not even a bit of it. So actors have to be sure about themselves before giving a shot and hence they are provided with so many pleasures like good food, environment, silence etc.

8. Techniques for kissing scenes

But everything in films and acting is not 100% authentic. To shoot romantic scenes like those which involve kisses, the team uses some techniques.

Sometimes the actors don’t want to kiss each other and hence the camera angles are placed in such a way that an illusion can be created. A lot of work also goes on hand and lip placements to create the magic.

9. Techniques for intimate scenes

You’ll be surprised but there are a lot of tricks that are used while shooting intimate scenes. The actors are made to wear flesh-toned underwears and sometimes full body make up is done.

But when the scenes are genuine and authentic, the actors prepare a lot for it. They have to really prepare their mind for romancing someone in front of whole unit.

As per Bright Side, Margot Robbie was pretty nervous before shooting an intimate scene with Leonardo DiCaprio in The Wolf Of Wall Street. To get comfortable she got a little bit drunk and this is how she calmed her nerves.

10. Menthol crystals for shooting crying scenes

Actors use menthol crystals to cry on demand while shooting for an emotional scene.

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