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This Actress Finally Got Her First House In Mumbai & Posted A Heartfelt Message On Instagram

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This Actress Finally Got Her First House In Mumbai & Posted A Heartfelt Message On Instagram

Mumbai is no doubt one of the most happening and dream places where countless people wish to live. However, it’s very difficult to own a house here or in other words, we can safely say that it might burn a hole in your packet to buy own home in mayanagari!


But this B-Town actress cum dancer has finally managed to get her first ever house after lots of complexities and struggle. We are talking about Lauren Gottlieb who came to India from US and has been appeared in few reality shows as well as movies.


The mind-blowing dancer took to Instagram and shared a pic of herself holding keys of the new home. Along with the photo, she also posted a heartfelt message after reading which you can actually get an idea of her happiness as well as troubles she faced to acquire it.

Here’s the message with the pic:


“It may not look it but I am so over the moon happy!! My heart exploded with joy and the result was tears falling down my face. If you only knew the struggle it’s been to get the flat I want, that makes a girl like me, so far away from home, feel at home. For whatever reason there is a stigma in Mumbai against people trying to get a flat who are either a foreigner (✔), in Bollywood (✔), single (✔✔). I’m not just one of these things, I’m all of them. I have tried, and then got discouraged, then tried again, and got discouraged again, many times over the past 3 years. I can’t express enough how thankful I am! I got the keys and the only thing I could think about doing was go to the Church and thank God. When I was praying to God it was like I had word vomit. I have so so so much in life to be thankful for…. I have the most incredible parents guiding me, 2 loving brothers, my sister n law and sweet little nephew, and my friends who bring me so much joy and keep me grounded. Yesterday marked 20 YEARS as a dancer. I have dedicated my life to this art form and in return it has given me more joy than I could ever possibly ask for. I have literally accomplished every thing I have sought out to do. Now more than ever I am searching for my purpose. What more can I do to grow, to help others, to be a better person. The journey continues….new chapter starts today. God bless you all…..especially if you made it all the way through my rant ☺”

Congratulations Lauren!

Source: Instagram

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