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Actress Swastika Mukherjee Gave A Perfect Reply To Haters Who Body-Shamed Her For Saggy B**BS

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Actress Swastika Mukherjee Gave A Perfect Reply To Haters Who Body-Shamed Her For Saggy B**BS

Today the whole world is celebrating the International Women’s Day, the day when we recognize the contribution of women in making our society a better place to live and celebrate their victories over the struggles that they have fought in their lives. However for some people, women are just about their bodies and perfect figures and it is no secret that an actress is expected to have a flawless body shape.

Actress Swastika Mukherjee who has been a part of many successful movies was recently body shamed after she posted a photo of herself on Instagram but the manner in which she hit back at the trolls was quite praiseworthy. She was modeling for a designer and in the caption, she praised the designer for making comfortable and stylish clothes.

First of all, take a look at the pic that she shared:

The caption that she wrote was:

“‘No! It’s in my memories! The most powerful kind of magic there is! It makes us stronger than you’ll ever be. These are the memories of those we have loved and lost. And if we hold their stories deep in our hearts, then you will never take them away from us. And that really is the least of it…’

-kubo ️ @sanjukta77 I love everything she makes, simple comfortable stylish.”

Well, few online users didn’t see how superb she looked in the dress but instead, they only noticed that she had saggy bre*sts. These people started shaming her and said that the dress doesn’t suit her as her b***s are not in perfect shape.



Swastika was in no mood to let such perverts insult her body and she got back at them through her Twitter account. In a series of tweets, she told haters that it is perfect for a mother who has bre*stfed her kids to have saggy b**bs. Not only this, she also asked why men are always talking about saggy bre*sts.

Her first tweet read, “I had posted this picture on Instagram and all I heard was ‘WHY DO YOU HAVE SAGGY B**BS?!’ Why are men always commenting on women’s saggy b**bs ?? Bre*st feed a child for years and then talk f*ck*rs. I am proud of my saggy b**bs. I am a proud mother. I didn’t use pumps.”

In the second tweet, Swastika wrote, “I bre*stfed my child and I will do the same again if life gives me a chance. When I work as a heroine I wear UNDERWIRED BR*S that hold my bre*sts upright just the way the world wants to see them, when I am not working I give a F**K. Do hell with the world.”

Here’s her third tweet, “It’s #InternationalWomensDay and all the circus around it will start and this is what the actual scene is. We are supposed to be picture perfect. Have the best b**bs/a*s/waist/lips. If you don’t have one then go for surgery and get them done. Otherwise get trolled. What a farce.”

Swastika’s final tweet read, “YES I have saggy b**bs. and I love them. keep complaining and enjoy yourselves.”

Her strong response not only let some intelligent people appreciate her but also slam those who have such narrow mindset.

Check out some selected reactions:












Well, here we cannot forget to mention one bitter truth that the movie industry is also responsible for portraying women as objects of pleasure and there are many actresses who are surviving pretty well in the industry just because of their beautiful face and figure despite the fact that there acting skills are not up to the mark.

More power to you Swastika Mukherjee for coming up with such a hard-hitting and perfect reply! Kudos!

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