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After Demonetization, People Find Plastic Ban Illogical. Slam Government


After Demonetization, People Find Plastic Ban Illogical. Slam Government

In November 2016, we all were shocked over demonetization decision. It was sudden and unorganized. There were big queues outside banks and ATMs because withdrawal limits were applicable.

That move of Modi government received immense criticism from the public. After that unplanned move, one more big decision is making people angry. Yes, we are talking about total plastic ban which became effective in Maharashtra, especially Mumbai.

There’s total ban on all plastic items & it is making things messy mainly in the food sector. Use of plastic in restaurants and home delivery companies just can’t be avoided. But now that the ban is on, they will have to think of some alternative.

This plastic ban alone is going to cause loss of 3 lakh jobs in plastic manufacturing industry and Rs 15,000 crores.

Since yesterday, many people have been fined. It is said that the government has collected approximately Rs 3 lakhs in fine till now.

People are frustrated over this complete ban. Here are some selected tweets;


So much hype?

New gimmick!

Only middle class is affected!


Need Congress!


Enough challenges!

What do you have to say of this? Is plastic ban a good move?

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