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After Fake Run-Out Attempt, Jonny Bairstow Fools Steve Smith Again, This Time Using His Bat


After Fake Run-Out Attempt, Jonny Bairstow Fools Steve Smith Again, This Time Using His Bat

The Australian cricket team must be pretty disappointed after getting defeated by England in the fifth and last test match of the Ashes series which was played at the Oval. The series now stands at 2-2 despite the fact that Australia dominated for the majority of the part.

Ashes 2019 will always be remembered for the wonderful batting knocks of Australian batsman Steve Smith who scored total 774 runs in seven innings. He also got a standing ovation by the public at the Oval when he got out in the second innings of the fifth test match.

However, there is one more thing for which the Ashes will be remembered and that is how Jonny Bairstow made a fool of Steve Smith and that too, two times.

If you remember, earlier Jonny Bairstow, the English wicketkeeper, faked a run-out attempt and made Steve Smith dive into the crease to save his wicket while batting in the first innings of the fifth test match. It was when Steve got up, he realised that there was no chance of him getting run-out as the ball was thrown at the bowler’s end. In the press conference, Steve said that Bairstow made him dive and dirtied his clothes and even confessed that that Jonny got him.

Well Jonny Bairstow did it again and he once again made the former Australian skipper look like a fool but this time, Jonny was the one who was batting and Steve was fielding in the slip.

Nathan Lyon was bowling the 66th over of the innings and his second delivery was pretty out of the off-stump, Jonny who was facing the delivery first decided to play a sweep short but at the last moment, he changed his mind and played it towards the slip. Steve was not at all ready for it and he completely missed it. The frustration and annoyance was clearly visible on Steve’s face as he knew that it was the second time that he had been fooled.

Here is the video:

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The Ashes series may have been leveled at 2-2 but this duel is clearly in favour of Jonny Bairstow as he leads with 2-0.

That was quite an interesting battle between the two cricketers, wasn’t it?

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