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After Trolling Hema Malini For The Sweeping Act, Dharmendra Apologised To Her In A Tweet

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After Trolling Hema Malini For The Sweeping Act, Dharmendra Apologised To Her In A Tweet

Hema Malini, the veteran actress turned politician, was trolled by many for her act of sweeping and surprisingly, one of the trollers was her husband and Bollywood actor Dharmendra. Hema Malini was taking part in the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan and with some other BJP members, she participated in the campaign which was carried outside the Parliament premises.

The netizens trolled her because she was moving the broom in air rather than cleaning the floor with it. In fact, it was quite clear that either she didn’t know how to use a broom or she was just pretending to do it and not actually doing from the heart.

When Dharmendra was asked whether his wife has ever used a broom before the campaign, he replied, “Haan films main , mujhe bhi अनाड़ी लग रहीं  थीं . मैं ने मगर बचपन में , अपनी माँ का हमेशा हाथ बटाया है मैं झाड़ू में माहिर था । I love cleanliness”

It loosely translates to, “Yes in films, I also found her untrained. But I have helped my mother in household chores when I was a child. I was expert in sweeping. I love cleanliness.”

While the fans of the actor were loving his response, it seemed as if this tweet didn’t go well with the near and dear ones of Dharmendra and recently, he apologised on Twitter for trolling Hema Malini.

He shared a pic of himself with caption,

“Kuchh bhi keh baithta hoon ……. kuchh bhi KI bhawna ko…. . Kuchh bhi samajh baithte  hain yaar log …..TWEET BADSHAH🙏.kuchh bhi kiya …..baat झाड़ू की bhi ….tauba tauba …..kabhi na karon ga 🙏हम का  माफ़ी दई दो मालिक🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏”

In this tweet, Dharmendra tried to clarify that he had been misquoted. He then apologised and promised that he would not repeat such a mistake again.

We are sure that Dharmendra will never dare to troll Hema Malini again. What do you say?

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