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Ahmed Shehzad – THE SELFIE FREAK – 15 Pics That Will Make You ROFL


Ahmed Shehzad – THE SELFIE FREAK – 15 Pics That Will Make You ROFL

Ahmed Shehzad is a Right-Handed opening batsmen from Pakistan. Shehzad is a Selfie Freak. Sources say that while he just played one match in this World Cup, he has taken about 9024 odd number of Selfies. FREAKY SELFIE LOVER!!

Here we bring you 15 of such Selfies which Ahmed Shehzad has taken in the recent Days.

1. I Dont Care!! Let Me Take A Selfie!!

Ahemad Shezad1

2.  Trust Me Buddy! You Don’t, She’s Lying!!

Ahemad Shezad6


3. Yeah That Was Fanny!!

Ahemad Shezad7


4.  Yeah Riots aren’t very common these days! You should take a Selfie!Ahmed Shehzad5. Oh you are Cruel Shehzad!!

Ahemad Shezad11


6.  A new version of Contra includes Shehzad!! Play it Now!!

Ahemad Shezad3


7. That’s a Wonderful Moment to Capture!!Ahemad Shezad2


8. Of-course You Are Richie Rich!!

Ahmed Shehzad


9.  How Cool!!

Ahmed Shehzad


10.  Afridi Likes it!!

Ahmed Shehzad


11.  Whatever is the Situation! Shehzad Always Goes For a Selfie!!

Ahmed Shehzad


12. OMG!!!

Ahemad Shezad13


13. With Obama & Family During Their Visit to Pakistan!!

Ahemad Shezad14


14. Seems Shehzad Is the New Face Of AAM AADMI!! 

Ahemad Shezad12


15. Well His Last Selfie!!

Ahemad Shezad15


What do you think about these SELFIES? How many of you are SELFIE FREAKS as Shehzad?



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