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Akash Shouts On Shilpa And Vikas. Asks Them To Stop The Drama In The House

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Akash Shouts On Shilpa And Vikas. Asks Them To Stop The Drama In The House

Bigg Boss is easily the most twisted reality show on Indian Television ever. There is absolutely nothing that is impossible in the Bigg Boss house. Friends can turn foes and vice versa is possible too.

The most interesting thing of Bigg Boss is that no matter how wild you think, it will always manage to shock you. The latest surprise came when biggest enemies in the house, Shilpa Shinde and Vikas Gupta were seen having an easy conversation with each other.

We all know, about the enmity between Shilpa & Vikas and how they were not able to tolerate each other’s presence just a few days back. But in the recent episode, Vikas was seen consoling Shilpa as she was shedding tears hiding below the table. Vikas came to her and told that she is the strongest person in the house and he really admires this side of her character.

Here’s the whole conversation that happened between the two-

Vikas – Kyun ro rahi ho

Shilpa – Main nahi ro rahi hu.. Arey baba aise hi bethi hu

Vikas – Maalum hai sabse strong insaan hai tu yaha par.. Bahut strong ho tum.. Tum bahut strong ho Shilpa.. Maine dekha hai tumhari strength

Shilpa – Log strong bol bol ke meri bajaate hai

Vikas – Nahi tum bahut strong ho Shilpa.. Tumhe dukh dete mujhe itna dukh tha
Tumne kitne logo ko sambhaala hai malum hai kya tumko.. Jo log bhi negative bolte they, wo sabko tumne sahi kiya hai.. Main salute kar raha hu tumko.. Tumne bure dimaag waalo ko acha kar diya hai.. Wo Akash acha bann gya hai.. Tumne sahi rah dikhaya hai sabko.. Tumne itna pyaar diya hai logo ko..

Shilpa – Vikas ji plz aap hamesha aise hi rehna

Vikas – Main promise karta hu tumko ki main hamesha aisa hi rahunga.. Lekin aap promise karo ki aap aise weak nahi hoge.. Mujhe acha lagta hai jab aap sabki lete ho..

In the upcoming episode, we’ll see Akash Dadlani exposing the “fake enmity” between Shilpa & Vikas. Akash will be seen getting angry and alleging both Shilpa and Vikas for faking the enmity to gain the footage.


A video clip has been released by the makers which shows Akash lashing out both Shilpa and Vikas in top of his voice. Have a look-

You can also watch the video here.

What do you think about it? Are they really faking the enmity or they are trying to forget it?

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