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Alia Bhatt’s Silence Irritates Kangana’s Sister Rangoli & She Slammed Alia For Her Sob Story

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Alia Bhatt’s Silence Irritates Kangana’s Sister Rangoli & She Slammed Alia For Her Sob Story

If you thought that Kangana’s sister Rangoli would stop talking against the Bhatts after Alia Bhatt’s refusal to comment on the allegations put up by Rangoli on her family and making a declaration that she would remain silent, you were completely wrong.

Recently during an event when Alia was asked to comment on Rangoli Chandel’s accusations against Mahesh Bhatt and whatever Kangana has been saying about her, Alia refused to comment on it. She has made it clear that she doesn’t want to be dragged into this matter, adding that she just wants to work and become a better version of herself with every passing moment. She further says that that if she is like this, her family is ten times more mature and stronger than her. According to her, no one can stop anyone from speaking, so let them speak but she will remain silent and concentrate on her career only.

This reply has further annoyed Rangoli and she has slammed Alia in a series of tweets, asking her to keep this sob story to herself. Rangoli alleges that her Papa Jo (Karan Johar) has already made a lot of benefit with this sob story so she should now take a seat. She further accuses Alia of begging directors for roles and using connections to grab films from other people. Rangoli says that people are not idiots that they will be fooled with “Main Chup Rahungi” story as it looks quite fake and regressive while coming from a British citizen.

Here is Rangoli’s first tweet:

“People aren’t stupid, they see who stands alone and where is gang of movie mafia, in this time and age honesty and transparency is most valued so keep your medieval age ‘ Main chup rahoongi’ sob story to yourself, no need to make this viral everyday… 🤚🏼”

This is what she wrote in her second tweet:

“Snatching others work and opportunities every day, begging and pleading makers to cast, playing games and using connections to grab films doing back hand PR and on surface behaving like a sheep , as  if people are idiots not to see through this…”

Her final tweet read,

“While whole world propagating speak up or me too Alia ji is going ‘ main chup rahoongi aur zulm sahoongi 😂 How regressive is that, coming from a British girl sounds strange 😜, if you take a leaf from Papa Jo’s book obviously it will be melodramatic 😂”

Let us wait and watch how Alia will react or whether she will again choose to remain silent. What is your take on this matter? Do let us know.

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