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Amazing Kid and his Amazing Artworks

Amazing Kid and his Amazing Artworks RVCJ Media


Amazing Kid and his Amazing Artworks

Who would have thought that, a child born to M.T. Joseph and Chinnamma Joseph, Kochi in the year 1976 will do such wonders? His work of art and paintings have left many in awe and inspiration. Unfortunately, the kid – Edmund Thomas Clint’s life came to an end because of prolonged illness and kidney malfunction, He passed away just a month before celebrating his 7th birthday. But what he did in his seven years of life will leave you stunned.

Clint a child of 7 years had profound knowledge of death, Solitude and Love. He understood the intense emotions of human being and converted them into his paintings which depicted powerful emotions.  This little child did 25000 painting and drawings. Yes, you heard in right, that too just in seven year of his life.  The maturity and emotions expressed in his paintings are completely worth the admiration. As a child he has drawn all that we just read in story books, his canvas has experienced the drama of Ramayana and Mahabharata and adventurous stories of Robinson Crusoe as well.

His death is being mourned but his canvas is still alive with us. Have a look at the video and get mesmerized & do tell us how amazed you are.!

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