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Amazon Hits Another Low – Picture Of Mahatma Gandhi On Slippers Being Sold On Their Website


Amazon Hits Another Low – Picture Of Mahatma Gandhi On Slippers Being Sold On Their Website

Seems like the tough time of Amazon hasn’t yet faded away. Recently they found themselves in the pit of criticism, shame and embarrassment when the foreign minister of our country – Sushma Swaraj directly confronted them in front of the whole world for selling Indian Flag printed doormats on their website in the country CANADA.

However, they are again back in yet another news for all wrong reasons. This time it’s the AMAZON in the USA. The e-commerce giant is now seen selling Mahatma Gandhi printed flip-flop on its website for $16.99. What is more shameful is the fact that they have even described their product as a”foam rubber flip flops” with a “professionally printed” Gandhi face on it.

The picture came to notice when a few twitter users reported this on social media site with these tweets.

These Mahatma Gandhi based Flip-flops are being sold by the seller named ‘CafePress’ which is owned by Indian Origin guy named Mahesh Jain and if one goes through the list of their items, it can easily be observed that this company had been quite a controversial creator in themselves where they have been selling undergarments having Indian Flag, religious signs on them and degrading them in the name of art.

People on social media have reacted to this with a lot of outrage through a series of tweets against AMAZON USA. Have a look at them.

Just boycott them ! !

Ban them in India

We need to shut them down

Govt. should take this as an insult.

We don’t want to buy product from AMAZON.

Don’t be angry, just boycott them.

Seems like AMAZON guys haven’t learned their lesson and this time it surely doesn’t seem like there will be any need for an apology, since the warning that was given by Sushma Swaraj wasn’t meant just for a fling. It will be interesting to see how the AMAZON USA will react to this outrage by Indians and how Sushma Swaraj will react to the the whole scenario, despite of her warning to them.

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