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American TV Star Sonja Morgan Suffers A Wild Wardrobe Malfunction. It Revealed Most Of Her Body


American TV Star Sonja Morgan Suffers A Wild Wardrobe Malfunction. It Revealed Most Of Her Body

Life of celebs and stars is really difficult. They are surrounded by a lot of love and attention but all that after sacrificing their comfort.

These stars may have a lot of money and fame but unlike us lack the privilege of being comfortable. They just can’t afford to be in a comfort zone and most of the times they are just pretending it. Stars look happy but they are always under tremendous pressure of looking good and for the same they cross new boundaries everyday.

The biggest problem with the life of these stars is that they can’t wear something normal. They have to continuously experiment with their looks and wear dresses that leave the fans surprised.

Having these expensive as well as unique dresses is not difficult for them but carrying it becomes really challenging sometimes. As a result they have to go through very embarrassing moments.

RHONY (Real Housewives Of New York) star Sonja Morgan had to go through what we call a hardcore wardrobe malfunction. She was dancing at the stage as she attended her co-star LuAnn De Lesseps’ cabaret show in Manhattan.

Suddenly she lost control of her dress and much to the shock of everyone it almost slipped up from her body. The moment was really embarrassing as most of her body part got revealed.

However, Sonja faced the fashion terror heads on and continued to dance holding her dress with hands. Someone from audience tried to help her tie the dress again but it didn’t help. Morgan herself took the charge and tied the dress later.

The video of the embarrassing moment is going viral on the social media.

Click here to watch the video directly on Instagram.

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