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An INDIAN Father Sells His Own Kidney For His Children’s Treatment


An INDIAN Father Sells His Own Kidney For His Children’s Treatment

Our parents are God in disguise. Love and care they share with us is always incomparable. Always protective they are and ready to reach any heights for the wellbeing of their children. One such instance for the same is Rameshbhai Nandwana from Gujarat. He is a father of three children and takes the decision of selling his kidney with a hope to provide the proper treatment to his obese kids.


Harsh (18 months), Anita (3 years) and Yogita ( 5 years) are among the world’s heaviest weighing kids having the weight of 15, 48 and 34 kgs respectively. They need immediate treatment. Any delay might give rise to complications or even death.


Obesity is a medical condition under which fat gets deposited in the body to the extent that it leads to various complications and negative effects.

Ramesh earns only 3000 rupees per month that is not enough to get his children proper treatment and feed them who at this age can eat more than a grown up man.


We hope Ramesh finds a way out and pray for his little children to recover soon.


If you care and wish to help this family in any manner, get in touch with him on +919904665538.


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