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Anand Mahindra Asked Messi To Pay Him A Fee. This Is The Reason


Anand Mahindra Asked Messi To Pay Him A Fee. This Is The Reason

Anand Mahindra is known for his witty tweets on Twitter. He often finds time to post engaging tweets & attract netizens. From WhatsApp jokes to funny videos, he shares it all.

One more tweet of Anand Mahindra has grabbed a lot of attention. He was watching the Argentina V/S Nigeria match yesterday and when he thought that Argentina has no hopes of winning, he got up to reach the remote and switch the TV off.

Yesterday’s match was very critical for Argentina; one draw or loss would have thrown them out of the tournament. However, when Anand Mahindra got up for his remote, Messi scored his first goal.

Mahindra considers himself lucky for the game. In the first half, there was a tie between Nigeria and Argentina over 1 goal. Finally, Marcos Rojo scored 1 more goal in the 2nd half and made the team win.

Anand Mahindra tweeted about his lucky gesture i.e. “Reaching out to the remote”.

The tweet read, “I’m getting lucky this World Cup. I was tired & vowed I wouldn’t stay up to continue watching this match..and as I reached for the remote to switch it off, Messi rediscovered his magic & found his redemption..I’m going to make a habit of reaching for the remote from now on..”

After seeing this tweet, 1 Twitter user asked him if he could repeat this action so that Argentina keeps winning. To this, he replied;

“Messi will have to pay me a fee…”

Let’s see if Messi pays him a fee or not. What do you think? Will this action prove to be lucky again?

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