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Anand Mahindra Praised An Innovative Driver For His Unique Hand-Washing Unit Inside Auto-Rickshaw


Anand Mahindra Praised An Innovative Driver For His Unique Hand-Washing Unit Inside Auto-Rickshaw

We all were well aware of the importance of cleanliness and maintaining hygiene but there is no denying the fact that after the coronavirus pandemic, people have become very cautious about it. The COVID-19 outbreak has thrown the world into the state of sorrow and despair as more than 560K people have lost their lives to this disease and over 12.5 million have been registered as COVID-19 patients. If we talk about India, the number of positive cases is around 8.5 lakhs while the count of lives lost is more than 22K.

It has become quite clear to everyone that if we want to save ourselves from this virus, we should maintain personal hygiene, wear masks and follow social distancing whenever we are out of the house. Some individuals have taken several great initiatives in this regard and one of them is an auto-rickshaw driver from Mumbai. This auto-rickshaw driver’s attempt to stop coronavirus from spreading has also been noticed by the two Indian businessmen – Anand Mahindra and Harsh Mariwala.

The auto-rickshaw driver is quite inspired by the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan (Clean India Campaign) and he has designed his auto in such a way that it not only takes care of cleanliness, hygiene and sanitization but also of environment. He has named his vehicle as ‘Mumbai’s First Home System Auto-Rickshaw’ and it has a wash basin for washing hands, two bins – one for dry waste and other for wet waste. The commuter can also get drinking water in the auto along with the facility of Wi-Fi, cooler/fan, TV with mobile connectivity, playing music with Bluetooth and the cellphone charging point.

The auto-rickshaw also has few plants and they get watered whenever someone washes hand in the wash basin. The driver gives free-rides to the newlyweds and one kilometer free ride to the senior citizens. That’s not all, he will also give tips on fitness if his customer wants.

Anand Mahindra, the chairman of Mahindra Group, praised the auto-rickshaw driver and talked about the positive thing that happened because of COVID-19. He shared the video of the auto on the micro-blogging site Twitter with caption, “One silver lining of COVID-19 is that it’s dramatically accelerating the creation of a Swachh Bharat…!!”

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Harsh Mariwala, the chairman of Marico group, also appreciated the efforts of the driver for putting his heart in what he does as he tweeted, “Whatever you do, make sure you do it with all your heart. Look how this man has installed a basin to ensure hygiene standards are maintained. The wastewater even goes into some plants he’s growing!”

On the back-side of the auto-rickshaw, he has pasted a poster in which he has thanked the doctors, policemen and all the frontline corona warriors. On both the sides, he has written details about Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) COVID-19 Helpline, on one side in English and on the other in Marathi.

Twitter is highly impressed with the innovation and this is how netizens reacted:











Kudos to the auto-rickshaw driver!

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