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Another Publicity Stunt By A Woman – Posted Man’s Video For Very Minor Issue

Another Publicity Stunt By A Woman - Posted Man's Video For Very Minor Issue RVCJ Media


Another Publicity Stunt By A Woman – Posted Man’s Video For Very Minor Issue

As the people accessing internet is growing everyday you are likely to see people using it to voice their opinions on social media. There have been quite a number of incidents recently where the victim has posted a photo or video of the subject and raised his/her voice, resulting in action taken against the subject immediately after the post getting viral on social media. BUT

There are people who use this privilege for getting publicity too, and the recent Delhi eve teasing case looks to be one such example that you can’t trust with alone picture (case is still in court), you can’t give your prediction hearing just one side of the story.

Rujuta Diwrkar who is a celebrity nutritionist posted this video on her profile yesterday, shows a person parking his car outside a Chemist shop which could be seen clearly in the video. I would like to point out 5 things here:

1. The traffic is moving smoothly and neither one vehicle is troubled or slowed down due to the car.
2. This shouldn’t be considered as parking as man is still sitting inside the car and he is very well aware that traffic isn’t disturbed.
3. The man isn’t getting down of the car, which could be because he is waiting for someone who must have gone inside the chemist shop for some medicine.
4. How does this even relate to Raksha-Bandhan as mentioned by her.
5. There is always another side of the story too which we aren’t aware of, so without knowing that we shouldn’t just make a video out of it and shame them on such a big public platform.

Watch the video here where she points that man has parked a car wrongly:-
Her caption :- Met this guy parked the wrong way at Noble Chemist signal, Linking Road, Khar West. Refused to move even after tons of requests making it difficult for the traffic.
Notice his hand, he has multiple rakhis. Raksha bandhan is about protecting other people’s (and not just at biological and muh boli sisters) rights by living upto ones responsibilities.

Click here to watch the video directly on Facebook

What do you think is it correct to post the video of such minor issue on public platform like Facebook? We agree that man could have parked a little to his left but is it right to publicly share the video of a man on such big platform for very minor issue? Who do you think is at fault here? Share your views in comments section below

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