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Another Qtiyapa Video From TVF Starring Arnub

Another Qtiyapa Video From TVF Starring Arnub RVCJ Media


Another Qtiyapa Video From TVF Starring Arnub

We are totally familiar with TVF. The Viral Fever Videos aka TVF makes us laugh hardly by their funny videos. TVF also is a Youtube comedy channel like All India Bakchod. You may have previously seen their videos starring Arnub. Arnub (cough..Arnab..cough) is an Indian Journalist and he is Editor-In-Chief and anchor of the news channel Times Wow ( He is famous for his Newshour debates and another show “Frankly Speaking With Arnab”. He is very much “well-known” for not allowing anyone to talk on his show expect himself. And that’s the reason why the Youtube comedy channel, The Viral Fever Videos has been making and publishing videos about Arnub. They brought Arnub (fake…of-course) on many of their videos including a video with “Shah Rukh Khan”, a video with “Kejriwal” (the video actually featured Kejriwal). Now they are back with another video titled “Arnub Vs. Free Speech : News-hour Qtiyapa 2“. The video link is given below of this info –

So did you enjoy the video? Was it able to make you laugh? Are you a fan of the channel TVF and their hilarious videos? Would you like to see videos as this one in the future also?

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