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Another Shameless Act & the Audacity to Film it

Another Shameless Act & the Audacity to Film it RVCJ Media


Another Shameless Act & the Audacity to Film it

There is no term that can describe the audacity of the attackers in Jharkhand, where a group of assaulter mercilessly thrashed a couple. What comes as a surprise is the fact they even dared to film it, which somehow got leaked as well. Though their  motive behind the attack is not clear yet, we can just wait to see what action does the Police and the government of Jharkhand  takes against the culprits.

While the girl in the video can be seen pleading for mercy, but to no avail. The attacker wearing a bandanna seems least bothered, and continued to beat the girl with a stick and later even slapping her. The guy with her was also badly injured. Who were these attackers? What were their motive? Who gave them the power to thrash people and make a video out of it? Seems like these question will take a lot of time to be answered.

One more thing that needs to come into notice is, whether this incident took place on the eve of Valentine’s day or not. Since Right Wing Organization did warned about the extreme action they will take against couple seen together on V-day.

The question arises : It’s Okay not to believe in Western Culture? But is it Okay to thrash couple who celebrate Valentine’s or believe in Western Culture?

Have a look at the video, and Please share your views with us.

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