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Anup Jalota Reveals He’s Not Dating Jasleen & There’s No Boyfriend-Girlfriend Relation Between Them

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Anup Jalota Reveals He’s Not Dating Jasleen & There’s No Boyfriend-Girlfriend Relation Between Them

Bhajan Samrat Anup Jalota gave the shock of a lifetime to his fans when his relationship with a 37 years younger girl named Jasleen Matharu was revealed during the premiere of Bigg Boss 12. Not only viewers but Jasleen’s family also got surprised or rather shocked with this disclosure on the national television as they had no clue about it.

In the last night’s Weekend Ka Vaar, Anup Jalota was shown the exit door along with Saba Khan and after his eviction from the house, he revealed some very shocking secrets about his relationship with Jasleen.

Anup said that there is no boyfriend-girlfriend kind of relationship between him and Jasleen and he is not even dating her.

In actual fact, people couldn’t understand their bond as they share merely a musical relationship that has no existence of love or romance and physical intimacy. As per him, she is his student and being a teacher, he is only helping her learn music.

What’s more, he also blamed BB makers and said that they scripted his relation with Jasleen. According to Anup, Bigg Boss 12 was offered to Jasleen and when he was asked to join her as a partner, he refused but when her father Kesar Matharu requested him again and again, he said “Yes”. Nevertheless, they were about to step in the Bigg Boss house as a Guru-Shishya Jodi and after the makers picked up Jasleen from her house, she was not in touch with either her family or friends.

When she came during Bigg Boss premiere and said that she was dating him, it was a big shock for him too and according to him, the makers must have asked her to talk about this love relationship angle in the course of six days that she spent with them. He just wished that Jasleen gets popularity and it could happen only if he accompanied her on Bigg Boss.

He further added that he and Jasleen barely know one another and it had been only 5 times that she came to his house. His family does not know her and what viewers think about them is not true at all. He just wanted to help her get famous and even after Bigg Boss, they will remain Guru-Shishya as they had been earlier. Anup said that they might even do some shows together and there is only a relation of teacher and student between them, adding them he would appreciate if it is not stained with bad words.

Now that’s some really shocking news! What is your take in this regard? Let us know.

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