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Anup Saw A Different Jasleen From Secret Room; She Says She Is Single & Gets Close To Shivashish

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Anup Saw A Different Jasleen From Secret Room; She Says She Is Single & Gets Close To Shivashish

Bigg Boss 12 is being loved by viewers a lot, thanks to the makers for coming up with a unique theme of Singles Vs Jodis and all the contestants who are making sure to keep the atmosphere inside the house lively and vibrant.

In fact, it won’t be wrong to say that this season is among the most watched and entertaining ones and the Jodi that is getting love and attention of audiences the most is undoubtedly that of Bhajan King Anup Jalota and his girlfriend Jasleen Matharu. The reason is that they have a huge age gap of 37 years between them as Anup is of 65 while Jasleen is only 28 years old.

Even Bigg Boss is cashing this opportunity and recently we saw in last night’s episode how Anup Jalota was sent to secret room while Jasleen is allowed to stay inside the house. It was the time for eviction and the host Salman announced that Anup and Jasleen have got the least votes. However considering their popularity, Bigg Boss wants to give them a chance but only one of the couple can stay inside. To this, Anup sacrificed and Jasleen remained in the show.

Amazingly, all the housemates think that Anup has been shown the exit door and he has directly gone to his home from Bigg Boss house. But in actual fact, he is keeping an eye on the activities of everyone, especially Jasleen, from the secret room. This is a great chance for him to know what others think or say about him in his absence and whether Jasleen remains the same as she was in his presence or not.

A promo released on the micro-blogging site Twitter shows tremendous changes in the behaviour and activities of Jasleen and it appears that she and Shivashish are getting close to each other. She is even heard saying that she is single after Anup’s exit from the BB house.

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Twitter has slammed Jasleen for this and asked Anup not to be in a relationship with her. Check out some selected tweets:








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If you missed last night’s episode in which Salman announced that either Jasleen or Anup will stay in the show, watch “Salman’s shocker, the Jodi breaker!” on Voot by clicking here.

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