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Apple Admits That It Intentionally Slows Down Old iPhones. Twitter Is Furious


Apple Admits That It Intentionally Slows Down Old iPhones. Twitter Is Furious

Among all the smartphone companies that exist in the world, Apple’s iPhone enjoys the best loyal customers.

The reason is class they have managed to define over the years. Every time a person holds an iPhone in his hands, it gives them an extreme sense of satisfaction and fulfilment that they have got something which sets them apart from rest.

However, every time they buy an iPhone product we see them crying for the big hole in the pocket it gave them. Also, the users of old iPhone models always complain about bad performance and poor battery life.

Over the years, there’ve been a lot of murmurs and speculations on tech and social media websites that the performance of an iPhone decreases drastically after every iOS update.

Well, the same was proved by a Twitter user recently as he shared the fact that Apple decreases the performance of old iPhone smartphones intentionally. He shared couple of screenshots for proof and wrote-

So it’s true Apple intentionally slow down old iPhones. Proof: My iPhone 6 was bought 3years ago and recently got really slow. APP ‘CPU DasherX’ shows iPhone CPU is under clocked running at 600MHz. After a iPhone battery replacement. CPU speed resumed to factory setting 1400MHz.

You can also check the screenshots below-


However, Apple has given a clarification regarding it and as per them, it happens because with every iOS update there’s more load on processor to run the advanced functions. To avoid the shutdown of phones, they go with slow down intentionally. Read the whole statement below-

But this has not gone well with the customers of iPhone who are furious over the company and showed their anger on Twitter. There were some who also had better suggestions for iPhone. Have a look-







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