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Apple Brings A Big Update For iPhone Users. It Finally Becomes A Paisa Vasool Smartphone


Apple Brings A Big Update For iPhone Users. It Finally Becomes A Paisa Vasool Smartphone

Apple’s iPhones are easily one of the most popular smartphones in the world. They have their own limitations but still, the loyal fan following doesn’t mind shelling out huge bucks for it.

And if this is the kind of craze with limitations, what will it be if Apple improves itself.

Well, in the iOS 11.3 update, Apple has brought some drastic changes that will change your iPhone user experience forever. We list down some improvements that Apple has brought with the iOS 11.3 update.

1. Battery Issues

Apple was highly criticised last year as it degraded the performance of old iPhones to save battery life.

With the latest update, users will have control over the performance issue. Now users can simply go to the Settings App and find the Battery Health option. This is where they can control the things as required.

2. ARKit 1.5

With iOS 11.3, ARKit 1.5 is also there which helps the developers fine tune their work. With this update, the developers can perform the heavy tasks. Earlier they were able to place the objects on flat surfaces and now they can do this on vertical surfaces also. Image recognition has also been added.

3. New Animojis

4 new Animojis have been launched i.e. a skeleton, lion, dragon, and bear.

4. Chat with Company

A new app has been added through which you can initiate a conversation with the company representative. It’s just like a customer care service which will make the things easy for you. This will not spam because company can’t initiate the conversation with you.

5. Bug Fixing

A lot of bugs have been fixed like failed incoming calls when waking the display, read Mails reappearing in notifications, Face ID errors when parents try to approve purchase requests from their children on the iPhone X.

6. Information about Data use

Apple tells its users about what data about them is being used and why they are using it. An icon appears on the screen when Apple uses your data. You can tap on the icon to know the details.

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