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Apple Launches iPhone 12, Twitter Calls It Child Of iPhone 5 & iPhone 11


Apple Launches iPhone 12, Twitter Calls It Child Of iPhone 5 & iPhone 11

The whole world is now slowly recovering from the damage made by the coronavirus pandemic and the world is opening up after a lockdown of almost 4-5 months. Though the number of cases of COVID-19 patients is still on a rise in many countries, unlocking is also taking place with all the safety procedures being followed religiously.

Apple has also launched new series of its iPhones and Twitter was flooded with reactions in this regard. iPhone is a high esteemed brand so obviously it is expensive as well and almost every year, we get to hear cases in which people sell their kidneys for buying iPhones.

This year also, it was expected that some kidney memes will be outpoured on social media as iPhone will launch its new series but this time, it is a little different.

As per the reports, Apple released iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max in the market and people were in for a shock as they were not able to understand whether are they looking at iPhone 12 or iPhone 5.

Let us tell you in a little detail, the online users found a lot of similarity between the design of iPhone 12 and the body of iPhone 5 and camera and drumrolls of iPhone 11.

Here are some selected tweets in this regard:
















For iPhone lovers, it is not difficult to find out the similarities between two versions of iPhone so it will be interesting to see whether Apple will come up with a response in this regard or not.

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