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Apurva Accused Kangana Of Nepotism. Kangana’s Sister Rangoli Thrashed Him In 6 Hard-Hitting Tweets

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Apurva Accused Kangana Of Nepotism. Kangana’s Sister Rangoli Thrashed Him In 6 Hard-Hitting Tweets

The debate on nepotism once again started after Varun Dhawan, Saif Ali Khan and Karan Johar mocked Kangana Ranaut and chanted the slogan “Nepotism Rocks” from the stage of IIFA 2017.

If you remember, it all started when Kangana and Saif appeared on Karan Johar’s talk show “Koffee With Karan” and she called KJo a “flag-bearer of nepotism”. Since then, a lot has been said on this matter but the situation got worse when these three chose to play a joke at the stage of IIFA 2017, resulting in merciless thrashing of the trio on social media networks.

Later, Apurva Asrani also joined this war and accused Kangana Ranaut of nepotism for providing assistance to her brother and sister. He tweeted, “I hired my brother as addnl writer on my new film. #Kangana hired her sister as manager & now promotes her brother. All guilty of #nepotism?”

Rangoli Chandel, sister as well as manager of Kangana, has come out in support of her sister openly on Twitter. Rangoli also happens to be an acid attack survivor and she depicts how the “Queen” actress gave her a helping hand and assisted her in regaining confidence. In a series of tweets, she slammed Apurva for accusing Kangana of nepotism and dragging her brother into the matter.

She lashed out at Apurva in six tweets:

Rangoli depicts the pain and agony of acid attack, as she writes, “Acid dsn’t kill you it just distorts your face in a way that wherever you go people’s jaw drops in a very sad way.”

She asks Apurva not to accuse Kangana of nepotism because “Kangana nt only got my treatment done but saw to it that I gained my confidence back, she held my hand and took me to the sets.”

She gives Apurva a humble warning, “I am her sister and i am with her in that capacity, my brother is a pilot and don’t you dare to bring him in to this.”

She hits out at Apurva when she tweets, “You are after your 5 mins fame which you don’t deserve so please calm down and Relax.”

It feels sad to read this, “I m topper in M.Sc microbiology I didn’t loose my degree after the attack but I lost my confidence and started to wear veil.”

Rangoli further makes a valid point when she says, “Drinking cofe n watching flms with your own little brthr is nt nepotism u emotionally illitrate persn.Thts cald Love .#sigh which u lack .”

Well pointed out Rangoli! Now it will be interesting to see what Apurva has to say after such hard-hitting slamming!

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