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11 Signs That You Are Die Hard Arijit Singh Fan!!!


11 Signs That You Are Die Hard Arijit Singh Fan!!!

1. You never miss his new releases

And when your friend suggests you some new songs of his, you say very proudly “Kya tu bhi purane songs bata raha” 😀


2.) You always try to attend his concert

Even if you don’t get the passes, you try your best to pursue the guard and slip in.


3.) You sing his song so confidently as if you were the one who taught him how to sing

Tum hi ho …$SSS bus tum hi ho $SSS


4.) You correct everybody singing his song

Dude it’s not like this … Let me teach you… And let the alaap start again… 😉


5.) Your playlist mostly contains his songs

You have complete collection of his songs.


6.) And when he makes appearance in some chat show, dare your eyes blink…!

It’s a curfew situation at your home, as no one is allowed to speak.


7.) You are like his round the clock PR representative.

Tune suna kya? Nai movie mai bhi iske song hai?


8.) You snap the person if anybody tries to imitate

Tune uske bare mai bola toh dekh… apni dosti ka sawal hai…


9.) Not only his songs, you are well aware of his personal life too

How he can get married so young … Damn


10.) And when it comes to playing games..

All you can sing is his songs in antakshari and such games..


11.) Most importantly you must have cried many a times while listening to his songs..

And in live concert, all emotions come out…


An Arijit’s song a day keeps the doctor away!!!

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