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Armaan Kohli & Kushal Tandon Want To Enter Bigg Boss 10 House To Teach Commoners A Lesson

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Armaan Kohli & Kushal Tandon Want To Enter Bigg Boss 10 House To Teach Commoners A Lesson

This 10th season of Bigg Boss is creating some or the other nail biting moments each passing day! Instead of fun and masti, the show seems to be surrounded with loads of controversies and fights. This time there is a twist in the show; i.e. celebrity contestants as well as non-celebrity contestants (Indiawaale). Forget the twist in the format of the show; there is twist in the behavior of the contestants as well. Instead of celebrity contestants dominating the ‘Aam aadmis’, it is the other way round. Every now and then we see how the non-celeb contestants don’t leave out a single chance to dominate the other team. This behavior is obvious since they are the ‘Maaliks’! However, even for 3 days when celebrities were put in the ‘Maalik’ category, the same behavior was seen from the other end. What is wrong with Indiawaale?


It is the celebrities who should be dominating and arrogant but it is strange to see how they are quite and sweet and are being dominated by their counterparts. However, there are 2 people who just can’t see the troubles that Indiawale contestants are creating to these celebs and they are none other than Kushal Tandon and Armaan Kohli. Well, they were the contestants of Bigg Boss 7 if you remember.


Yesterday, during the luxury budget task, Indiawale created great hassles for celebs and due to this, their blood started boiling. Now, they both took to Twitter and expressed their desire to return to the Bigg Boss House to set those people straight; but wait! Are they actually going to return or this is just that TRP game? Have a look at their tweets…

First, it was Kushal Tandon who started and then he was joined by Armaan!

Talking about Mannu Punjabi!


Armaan says, they need a dose!

Twitter user asked Kushal to go as a wild card entry

Kushal replied

We really don’t know what is going to happen next! Bigg Boss 7 was definitely very entertaining; it had every element be it ‘Love’, ‘Friendship’, and it seems those celebs aren’t able to digest such a drastic difference in this season. Let us wait and watch! What do you think about this? Would they re-enter? Do share your views in our comments section below!

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