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# ArmyShamed, Drunk Army Jawan Molested A Lady Traveling With Her Infant On Rajdhani


# ArmyShamed, Drunk Army Jawan Molested A Lady Traveling With Her Infant On Rajdhani

India daily witnesses lots of rape cases in which the victim girl is shaken to the core but the rapist does not get any harsh punishment for which these kinds of crimes are increasing by leaps and bounds. And it seems that our govt. is also not in the mood of taking strict actions against these criminals, the result of which is clearly apparent on ever growing numbers of rape incidents.

One such incident ashamed the country once again and this time, it’s a soldier from our army who committed this horrible sin. Undeniably, we are fully dependent on these army jawans for our security and protection but what if the protector himself becomes the predator? Yes, it’s a soldier who under the influence of liquor sexually assaulted a female passenger aged 25 traveling on Rajdhani Express with her infant.

It so happened that extremely inebriated Lance Naik Kamlesh moved toward this lady with the desire of touching her. On her objection, the soldier sat next to her and started misbehaving. She got quite frightened and informed the cop via GRP Helpline app which the lady had already installed on mobile. She instantly clicked the soldier’s snap as well as uploaded. Right away, control room passed this information on GRP Bhopal. At once, the lady got a call from a GRP personnel who gave assurance of providing full protection together with instant action against that soldier.

To quote the words of Dushyant Joshi as on call, “You don’t worry, we will handle it.”

It was about 1:00 am that Rajdhani Express stopped at the station of Bhopal. A GRP officer detained the soldier, registering a case against him then and there.

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