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How To Be An Attention Seeker At An Indian Wedding

How To Be An Attention Seeker At An Indian Wedding

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How To Be An Attention Seeker At An Indian Wedding

Indians love to celebrate wedding in a huge manner. It’s a family, relative, friends, neighbours get together you can call. Thus, there is also lot of naughtiness among the brother-in-law and sister-in-law, girls and boys, samdhi-samdhan, etc. Especially girls and boys love these wedding, as they easily get to flirt and some also find their love here. Thus, all girls want to look their best with lovely dress, jewellery, Sandal…just everything to be in the limelight and look attractive for guys.

Thus, below we have listed few points that can help you be in limelight at an Indian Wedding.

1.Ladke wala ya ladki-wala

Are you the bride’s best friend? You can have loads of fun and be in the limelight in the “shoe stealing” game. Even if you both are from the same side, you can collect few info about him to impress. Don’t ask you relatives; otherwise you may end up getting married in the same mandap.



Try to talk with even total stranger in the wedding. You can make them feel good by praising for their looks, makeup, clothes, etc.


3.Approach upfront

Try to make the first move yourself. Act cool and keep in mind to be surrounded by a good number of people, especially with the close relatives. You can also easily locate chirpy women to approach and be popular in the shaadi.


4.Be involved:

Indian marriage is all about fun, loads of tradition and custom. Thus, the parents love when someone helps out bride or the groom at wedding. This is really important that will get you all the attention. You can do small things like, searching for people, help bride with getting ready, helping relatives to find something, etc.


5.Be a chamak-challo!

You have to get noticed at every occasion in the wedding. For this, make sure that you don’t wear just anything similar to the crowd. It must be easy for anyone to locate you by saying, “wo new style ki dress wali ladki kahan hai?” Dress differently, chic and ethnic at the same time.  Of course, jeans and tank top is not suitable to look sexy here.


6.Behave social.

Behave very friendly even if you are not. Talking to the bua, chacha, chichi, dadi, and nani will make you look social savvy.


7.Thoda naach ke dikhao

Indian wedding is incomplete without Bollywood dance and songs. Thus, you can shake your hips on this at the baarat or sangeet. Make sure you do it simple and classy. No- naagin dance please!



Indian weddings are so much fun. This can be the best place to grab attention for you. So, next time you go to any wedding, I hope you the attention seeker.


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