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Audi & BMW Had A Twitter Fight. Even Twitter Users Are Loving This Brand War


Audi & BMW Had A Twitter Fight. Even Twitter Users Are Loving This Brand War

On many occasions, we have seen Audi and BMW indulge in Twitter banters. Both the luxury car companies can’t resist taking dig at each other.

We once again spotted the duo engage in a Twitter fight. This time, it was over the post that BMW shared. Well, it was “Friendly”, but Twitter users couldn’t help but spot and discuss it.

BMW happened to post a poster of “M4” and it had some fireworks sparks. However, Audi manager was creative enough to spot something different. Here’s the poster;

After seeing this image post by BMW, Audi couldn’t control themselves to notice Audi’s logo in fire crackers. Yeah you can see at the back of BMW car image, there were circles that looks like Audi’s logo. If you still cannot spot it then here’s the logo of Audi

So Audi replied which was suppose to be dig on BMW saying even their creative ads have Audi logos:-

This was brilliant reply by Audi and we thought Audi has won this war this time by trolling BMW over their creative.

But there was twist in the tale because BMW’s epic reply to this Audi’s tweet won the show. BMW tweeted this:-

Well this was awesome comeback. BMW meant to say that Audi logo is visible in the rear view mirror that means Audi is much behind BMW or you can even compare it to the speed. BMW is walking ahead on road and Audi is following BMW at back.

Well Twitter loved this reply of BMW. What an epic comeback. BMW won the show this time.

Here’s how Twitter users reacted on BMW’s reply:-

Audi is always behind!

Wow classic!

Love the banter!

Shade on shade!

Next level!


Left it behind!

Well, this was indeed epic. We would love to see more brand wars like these.

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