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After Azaan Episode, Sonu Says National Anthem Shouldn’t Be Played In Theaters. Twitter Is Angry

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After Azaan Episode, Sonu Says National Anthem Shouldn’t Be Played In Theaters. Twitter Is Angry

Sonu Nigam had already been surrounded by loads of controversies following his Azaan comments. He had invited a lot of ire by passing negative comments about the noise caused due to Azaan. Later, he had clarified his stand and also quit Twitter to avoid more controversies.

Once again, he has sparked a debate and this time, the issue highlighted is “Playing National Anthem in Theaters”. He is of the opinion that National Anthem should be respected but shouldn’t not be played in theaters. He spoke about the issue in Manthan Aaj Tak.

Sonu Nigam said,

“If I respect national anthem, then why will I play in cinema? According to me, national anthem should not be played in cinema. One should respect national anthem. If Pakistan national anthem is played, I will stand with them. When national anthem is played at cinema halls people stand up without their wish, they should stand with respect. Why in cinema hall?”

He even compared it with parents’ respect and said,

“I respect my parents and if I know they will not be respected at certain places, why should I take them there? I want them to be respected when they go out. Similarly, the national anthem should not be played at places where it will not be respected”

According the singer, national anthem is very prestigious and sensitive and theaters are not the right place to play it.

Check out his interview here;

Click here to watch it on Twitter.

And as usual, he landed in controversy yet again. He faced the backlash!

You won’t like it?

Pakistan Bhejo!


They can stand up!

Why not respect?

This is the latest issue of debate and we are not surprised to see people go against him once again. However, Sonu Nigam has given a balanced view and it’s quite logical.

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