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B.Tech Student Posted Private Pics & Videos Of Gf Online When She Refused S*X; Got 5 Yrs Jail & Fine


B.Tech Student Posted Private Pics & Videos Of Gf Online When She Refused S*X; Got 5 Yrs Jail & Fine

Technology has proved to be a boon for mankind; however like every other thing, it too has its pros and cons and it totally depends on our usage whether it proves to be beneficial or a curse for us. Right? Right!

Time and again, people are warned to be cautious while talking to strangers or sharing their pics or videos with them, especially the private ones. However, we often stumble upon incidents in which girls share their private photos with guys who make promise of marrying them and end up being heart-broken.

In one such case, a girl got targeted by a B.Tech student from Panskura but she didn’t give in to the demands of the molester and instead went to police and made sure that he got punished. The commendable part was that the court in Tamluk, East Midnapore, gave judgment in a swift manner that can be termed as one of the fastest judgments given by any court in India.

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The accused who has been identified as Animesh Boxi has been sentenced to prison for five years and a fine of Rs. 9,000 has also been imposed on him. He has been found guilty of posting a girl’s private photographs and videos online; these photos and videos were obtained by him from the girl on the pretext of marriage.

Gautam Kumar Nag, the judicial magistrate, has instructed the state to treat the victim as rape survivor and pay her compensation accordingly.

This is what lawyer Bivas Chatterjee stated,

“The complaint was lodged and accused — Animesh Boxi— arrested on July 21, 2017 and proceedings got over on February 28, 2018. While the CID took up the investigation, I was appointed the special public prosecutor. The girl complained she knew Boxi for three years and trusted him. With a promise to marry her, Boxi obtained some private photographs and videos from her. He threatened to upload them if she didn’t have physical relations with him. When she refused, he uploaded the photographs. I told the court that this was revenge pornography and the girl underwent virtual rape every time somebody clicked on one of her photographs.”

The chargesheet against Animesh was submitted by CBI in 42 days while the charges were framed after 50 days. 60 days went in examining the eighteen witnesses and the results were submitted by two experts from the central forensic sciences laboratory.

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As per Bivas, this has happened first time in the state that conviction is given in such a case. He further said,

“The girl, who was devastated after the incident, regained composure and fought back. She withstood two days of rigorous cross-examination and gave clear and honest evidence in court. We cited nearly 300 judgments of the Supreme Court and over 200 electronic and nonelectronic evidences were exhibited.”

This is a great example for all those girls who have faced harassment. They should also fight back and make sure that the culprit gets punishment so that such incidents are stopped. What do you say?


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