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Baba Rampal : Engineer Turned Godman


Baba Rampal : Engineer Turned Godman

Born on 8 September, 1951 in a village named Dhananain in Haryana,Rampal Singh Jatin aka Baba Rampal was a junior engineer till the year 2000.


The Punjab and Haryana high court summoned Rampal after his followers got indulged in hooliganism when he was going to a court in July 2014. But he failed to turn up before the court on the due date and that’s why the court disclosed non-bailable warrants against him on 5th November. But again he didn’t turn up before the court on 10th and 17th November 2014. He was finally arrested on 19 November 2014.

5 women and 1 child were found dead after the fight between the police and ‘Baba’s Commandos’ was over. The Baba’s Commandos used acid, bombs and guns to attack the police. The 12-acre ashram’s walls are over 30 feet high. He also went to jail in the past on charges of murder. His bail plea is cancelled today and he has to stay in jail to 28 November.



He even owns luxury cars like BMWs and Mercedes.His followers used to bathe him with milk which was later used to make ‘prasad’,’kheer’. Women followers also said they were forced by the authority to partially strip. Many followers also said they were forced to stay inside the Ashram. The locals helped the media and the police with food and water. But questions are on the rise and fingers are getting pointed directly towards the police regarding their failure.


After his medical examination,Rampal said,”Yeah jhuthee ilzaam hein.”


But as all of you now know the truth,what do you think about all the “ilzaam” against him?

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