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Bad News For All NAAGIN Fans! Here’s Something You Just Can’t Miss To Read

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Bad News For All NAAGIN Fans! Here’s Something You Just Can’t Miss To Read

“Naagin” starring Mouni Roy, Adaa Khan and Arjun Bijlani in lead roles has beaten all the popular daily TV shows and acquired the top position in terms of TRP ratings. It’s among the most watched and loved serials; however, there’s bad news for all its fans.

Yes, Balaji’s “Naagin” is going off air and as per Arjun, it’s quite difficult to bid adieu. Arjun is very much pleased with its success and is looking forward for the next season. This is what he told PTI, “There should be a second season but I really don’t know if it will happen or what’s the take on that. The Colors team and Balaji will decide, but I know the fans wanted it to go on.”


He added, “This was a finite series and it got extended two times. I think people should also know that if it comes in seasons, the story might drag. I’m happy that ‘Naagin’ is ending on a high note.”

Makers of the show didn’t expect this positive response and appreciation, as per the male lead of “Naagin”. In his words, “When I signed this show, none of us expected it to be such a huge hit and work so well. In fact, when we had a press conference, where we were asked questions like ‘Do you think such an old concept will work in 21st century?’”


Arjun further said, “They were very ‘anti-Naagin’ that time, but I think all mouths have been shut after the numbers came. It’s all about the presentation and the cast and team work. Everything fell in place for the show and worked well for all of us.”

He’s quite contended with the performance of “Naagin” and admits that he wants to be a part of more such shows which are of limited episodes since he gets a chance to play diverse roles in a short span of time. “I would love to do another finite series because you know after sometime you’re going to be doing a different character, and as an actor you want to do that,” said the actor. “You want to play different roles and explore yourself and challenge yourself, in every show, in a different character. That’s what keeps me going so I would love to do another finite show.”


According to him, other producers too will show interest in making finite series shows after the record success the show achieved rather than focusing on “typical saas-bahu dramas”. “I think ‘Naagin’ has created history, in terms of the finite series. I think a lot of people are going to come up with more finite series and try to make a show that is larger than life on Indian television rather than those typical saas-bahu dramas,” Arjun added. “That’s what I think took people away from typical soaps into a different fantasy world and people were enjoying watching it. So you guess the audiences’ pulse.”

We hope “Naagin” comes back with the second season so that all his fans can enjoy their favorite show once again!

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