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BB 11 Contestant Akash Dadlani Says He’s Vishal Dadlani’s Relative. Vishal Gave It Back To Him

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BB 11 Contestant Akash Dadlani Says He’s Vishal Dadlani’s Relative. Vishal Gave It Back To Him

The reality TV show Bigg Boss 11 is constantly making headlines and this has happened in earlier seasons too. However this time, it is making news for quite a different reason too, as few of its contestants are shamelessly faking their identity.

Firstly, it was Zubair Khan who made false claims about his relations with Haseena Parker, sister of underworld Don Dawood Ibrahim. But later on, he asserted that he was misunderstood.

Akash Dadlani claimed to be Vishal Dadlani’s relative:

Now it is another Bigg Boss contestant Akash Dadlani who made a claim in a recent episode that he is a relative of the famous music director Vishal Dadlani.

Akash told the other housemates in a very casual manner that he is Vishal’s “dead brother’s son” and they both are very close to each other. Akash was seen talking about it to Vikas and Puneesh.

Vishal’s statement:

A common viewer may believe Akash but thanks to the music director, the ultimate truth is revealed. Vishal didn’t take much time in clarifying about his relation with the Bigg Boss contestant and he took to the micro-blogging site for disclosing the reality.

Vishal’s official statement read,

“Some dude on Bigg Boss claims to be related to me. I checked and he is, but quite a distance. I don’t know him, apart from his having texted me asking for work, a few times. With respect, I won’t work with someone just because they happen to have the same surname as I do. Even if he was my “dead brothers’ son” as is claimed, he’d have to work his way up and earn his place. Also, thankfully, I don’t have a brother, never have. This is to clarify that I have never met this gent and that I do not even know him. I wish him well, as I would any other musician. But that’s about it.”

He shared this with caption, “This is for all at @BiggBoss and for the people who watch it.”

Here’s Vishal’s tweet:

Can’t we expect some honesty from the contestants of Bigg Boss 11 or is it too much to expect from them?

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