BB 11 Poll: As Per Results, This Contestant Will Be The Winner Of The Show

Bigg Boss 11 finale is inching closer and we are super-excited about the same. Today, we exclusively revealed that Aakash Dadlani is evicted from the show.

Now, we have 4 finalists i.e. Shilpa, Hina, Puneesh and Vikas Gupta. It would be worth seeing who will pick the briefcase and go and who will fight for the trophy.

Shilpa is enjoying a huge fan base right from day 1; however, Hina and Vikas too have their own set of fans who are crazy for them. Many ex-BB contestants predicted winner of this season. Some said Vikas Gupta while some said Shilpa Shinde!

RVCJ conducted an exclusive poll to find out people’s views about the winner of this season.

59 percent voted for Shilpa Shinde. Yes, maximum people want to see her as the winner.

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18 percent voted for Vikas, 2 percent people voted for Puneesh while rest 21 percent voted for Hina.

Even in the mall voting task, Shilpa Shinde got maximum votes. She had gained immensely popularity for Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain serial.

So do you also go with the majority and think Shilpa will win the show?

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