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BCCI Raised Salary Of Indian Umpires. It’s Much More Than Pakistani Umpires

BCCI Raised Salary Of Indian Umpires. It's Much More Than Pakistani Umpires RVCJ Media


BCCI Raised Salary Of Indian Umpires. It’s Much More Than Pakistani Umpires

Cricket enjoys a huge popularity not only in India but all across the globe. Not only do the players need to give in their best but even the umpire, coach and other members have a great role to play.

In fact, the umpire’s job is the most complicated one & he has to remain alert throughout. Forget alertness, he can’t even favor his favorite team.

However, Indian umpires have always shown a good performance throughout and are known for their impartiality. Now that they contribute so much to the game, don’t they deserve the best pay?

Well, BCCI has taken this into consideration and has hiked the pay of the umpires. Salary of 20 cricket umpires who would be looking after senior men’s tournaments has been hiked.

How much salary are Indian and Pakistani umpires getting?

The best part is that they have got 100 percent hike. Earlier, the salary was 20,000 but now, it has been raised to 40,000 per day. It is more than that of domestic ones who earn 35,000 every day.

T20 umpires would get salary of Rs 20,000 per day. On the other hand, those looking after women cricket and junior cricket will get Rs 30,000 per day.

However, as compared to India, Pakistani umpires are getting very less. It was reported that their salary is just Rs 6,000 per day.

PCB has not increased the salaries of umpires but has only given hike to 11 playing ones. This is really a sad affair.

Indians should be proud that BCCI is taking such steps to give deserving pay to the umpires.

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