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BCCI Tweeted Bromance Between Virat & Dhoni And Fans Are On Cloud Nine After Seeing It


BCCI Tweeted Bromance Between Virat & Dhoni And Fans Are On Cloud Nine After Seeing It

Gone are the days when romance between a girl and a boy only used to make news and the latest trend which youths of today fall for is bromance. As the name suggests, it shows the perfect harmony and camaraderie between two men and needless to say, it often attracts naughty comments too, just like in the case of Indian skipper Virat Kohli and former captain MS Dhoni.

Yes, that’s right! Kohli and Dhoni are often seen sharing candid moments and fans just love their bond. They both have a huge fan following and followers keep an eye on their activities off the field too. We really don’t need to prove that they share an amazing rapport even when they are not playing a match. Their sizzling chemistry has even left BCCI and Twitterati awestruck and they just can’t stop appreciating the duo for their beautiful companionship.

Kohli is doing great in INDvNZ but what caught attention of people is this video featuring Kohli and Dhoni. The short video has been shared by BCCI on Twitter with caption, “The Bromance”

Watch The Video:

Click here to watch this video directly on Twitter

Dhoni probably had dirt or something in his eye and Kohli helps him in removing that, just like a good companion. Soon after BCCI shared the video, comments started pouring in! Here are some of the selected ones:

Fans combined their names and made a lovely one:


Better love story than Twilight:

Interesting question to answer:

What a partnership!

Bromance in rains:

They get candid every time:

Eye to eye <3

They are adorable:

Yes, it appears so..

That’s the BROMANCE level:

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