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Be Vocal For Local, Himanshi Khurana Calls Out For Using Recruitment Platform


Be Vocal For Local, Himanshi Khurana Calls Out For Using Recruitment Platform

Takeaway: The famous Punjabi actress Himanshi Khurana supports Modi’s “Vocal for Local” concept. She has also been strongly recommending people to use KillerLaunch for landing into their dream jobs.

COVID-19 stealing Indians jobs

More than 120 million employees in India, mostly small traders with business ideas, and wage earners lost employment in April as the latest coronavirus pandemic triggered a national shutdown, almost entirely halted economic development.

Migrants are suffering. As the construction sites shut down, many began to lose jobs. Without any cash, tens of thousands of abandoned towns and villages – hundreds of miles away – walked to their hometowns in the absence of public transport reflecting their levels of distress.

The loss of employment in young people would affect savings, according to CMIE. “The lack of employment among young people, although the households may well maintain cash throughout these days, deprives households of the extra cash usually saved either for the purchasing of houses or the longevity or the retirement,” they said.

Be Vocal For Local, Himanshi Khurana calls out for using the recruitment platform

Himanshi Khurana is an Indian actress from Kiratpur Sahib. Her appearance in Punjabi ‘s film Sadda Haq has made her famous as an actor. She is also featured in many Punjabi songs like Soch (Hardy Sandhu), Taara (Ammy Virk), Insomnia (Sippy Gill), etc. as a role model for her work.

Himanshi Khurana is seen talking in one of her Instagram posts about the famous job portal Killerlaunch. She has been talking about the need to stand together in the difficult times of COVID-19. Also, she quoted that lakhs of people have lost their job to COVID-19 and have been suffering.

In these challenging times, Himanshi Khurana is promoting Modi’s concept of “Vocal for Local.” She also states that a lot of job portals offering jobs who claim to be Indian are not who they claim to be. These job portals get their funding from international investors. Thus, there is no inflow of money into our Indian economy. Himanshi urged people to use the Killerlaunch job portal to find best-suited jobs for them amid COVID-19.

Modi’s “Vocal for Local” movement

Our Prime Minister encourages India to begin to publicize the domestic products of our country. We need to concentrate on Indian products, rather than to purchase and endorsing foreign brand items. One way to do so by using Indian applications on your mobile and purchasing products from an Indian company. Check the tag “Made in India” before purchasing any drug. And if you are buying any business, make sure the headquarters of the company is in India. Indians need to be loyal towards their country and show some patriotism to promote Modi’s concept of “Vocal for Local.”

Please share the news about your company after the goods and services have been bought, and make it more available. If any Indian works in this manner, the value of Indian Rupee will increase above the current cost. Our Indian economy and portals of jobs in India will expand at their highest.

Killerlaunch – A job portal promoting Modi’s vision

Why Head to KillerLaunch to Launch Your Career

There are many reasons why you should be going to KillerLaunch to earn money online. Several of those are mentioned here:

  • Find jobs & internships– KillerLaunch, the leading career, and internship application site offers all sorts of work openings. It is an ideal location for students to move from their pathshala to Internshala and an excellent forum for graduates and young people to use the job search feature to look for more career development opportunities.
  • Build your resume under 5 min- For its built-in resume creator, KillerLaunch gives its users the ultimate resume for applying for a position. The platform ensures that users can quickly apply for jobs by building a resume on the platform using its built-in Resume Creator in less than 5 minutes.
  • Easy to apply- The KillerLaunch app is specially designed to give its customers the smoothest career search experience. Submit to the website with one click for the right work and internships, without any ad interference.
  • Company Reviews- Find comments on the KillerLaunch website for businesses sending up their job vacancies. The segment on Employee Feedback helps the customers to access a company’s feedback from its past or existing employees. It allows them to make educated choices on accepting letters of offer depending on the work climate, rewards, and disadvantages of the business, etc.

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