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Ben Stokes Indulges In War Of Words With Harsha Bhogle Over Deepti’s Run-Out


Ben Stokes Indulges In War Of Words With Harsha Bhogle Over Deepti’s Run-Out

The controversy related to Deepti Sharma running out Charlie Dean doesn’t seem to end soon as many from cricket fraternity are still talking about it especially those who feel that Deepti Sharma went against the spirit of the game when she mankaded Charlie Dean.

Though mankading has now been recognized as a run-out and it has always been within the rules of the game, still there are many who feel that it is not the correct way to dismiss a batter. It happened in the final and the third ODI of the 3-match series which was played between India and England women cricket teams. The English batter Charlie Dean was taking undue advantage continuously by leaving the crease at the non-striker end even before the ball was thrown by the bowler and the Indian bolwer Deepti Sharma chose to remove the bails without bowling the delivery.

Many former and current English cricketers slammed Deepti Sharma and few of them even called her a cheater but the Indian women cricketer was not at all affected with it because she knew that she had done nothing wrong and she also had complete support of her skipper and team management. The English media was also continuously targeting Deepti Sharma and this did not go well with the Indian commentator Harsha Bhogle as he took to the micro-blogging site Twitter and slammed the English media.

He tweeted, “I find it very disturbing that a very large section of the media in England is asking questions of a girl who played by the laws of the game & none at all of another who was gaining an illegal advantage and was a habitual offender.”

In a series of tweets, Harsha Bhogle writes that it is a cultural thing as English feel that whatever they think is correct is correct and whatever is wrong in their opinion is wrong. He adds that because of colonial domination, very few other nations have questioned the English because of which the English people have such mindset. Harsha Bhogle further asks others to rise above the colonial slumber and play the game by the rules rather than worrying about the subjective interpretation of spirit of the game. He asks the English cricketers to follow the rules properly and stay in the crease till the bowler throws the ball because if they follow the rules, the game will go smoothly. Furthermore, he adds that criticism of Deepti Sharma should stop now.

The English cricketer Ben Stokes was not happy with Harsha Bhogle calling it a cultural thing.

He responded with, “Harsha.. 2019 WC final was over 2 years ago, I still till this day revive countless messages calling me all sorts from Indian fans, does this disturb you?”

He further tweeted, “Is this a culture thing?? ….Absolutely not, I receive messages regarding the overthrows from people all over world, as people all over the world have made comments on the Mankad dismissal, not just people who are English”.

What is your opinion regarding the statement made by Ben Stokes? Let us know.

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