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Bengaluru Man Tries To Book Flight Ticket Online, Gets Duped Of Rs 7 Lakh


Bengaluru Man Tries To Book Flight Ticket Online, Gets Duped Of Rs 7 Lakh

There is no denying the fact that our lives have become very easy after we have started making online transactions whether it is funds transfer, online shopping, buying tickets, etc. However at the same time, it has also increased the chances of people getting robbed as there are many online scammers who are waiting for individuals to make one mistake.

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Many times you must have got the calls or messages in which the person on the other side says that you have won a lottery of a huge amount and you need to pay some amount as fees to receive your winning amount. Many people have been cheated through this way but nowadays the fraudsters are deceiving people by asking them to click a link sent in the message or by downloading a certain app which steals all the sensitive information.

In an unfortunate incident, a 68 years old person from Bengaluru was trying to book a flight ticket through an app but the payment was not successful about which he was informed through a message from his bank. In another message from the bank, he was informed that Rs. 7 lakh have been deducted from his account.

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A doctor couple from Nashik was also robbed of their hard-earned money and they chose to share a voice recording on WhatsApp in which they narrated the whole incident. They told that the husband got a call from a person who posed as a customer service executive of the telecom provider whose SIM the man uses. The CSE told the husband that his SIM was outdated and he needed to update it. The fraudster didn’t ask for any personal information but asked the man to download an app. Through that app, the important information was stolen by the scammers and a huge amount was transferred from their account.

We need to ensure that we remain alert and never share any sensitive information with anyone. Here are some ways with which we can save ourselves from online frauds:

1. Never share email passwords, PIN, OTP, etc. with anyone.

2. Keep on changing passwords on a regular basis.

3. Do not click on any links which come with messages citing free offers and services.

4. Try to withdraw money from that ATM which has a guard because scammers can fix a device on the machine which can clone your card.

5. Be careful while downloading an app, one wrong app can take away all your savings.

We request our readers to be alert and not to fall in the trap of scammers.

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