Bengaluru Police’s Epic Reply To User Who Tried Trolling Them About “Drugs” Made Him Delete His Tweet!

Dear residents of Bengaluru, if you haven’t visited the official Twitter account of Bengaluru Police, then you are probably missing out on a lot of precious things. The handle is filled with good sarcasm and humor; probably the one who’s handling the account is an expert at it.

Apart from giving you complete information about what all is happening in the city, Bengaluru police also spares some time to entertain you with their epic tweets.

If you think we are just kidding, check it out yourself; I am sure you will have a happy day after reading this conversation. After keeping a watch on road safety and rash driving, Bengaluru police is here to deal with drug dealers. Here’s their interesting tweet.

The tweet read, “Roses are red
Violets are blue,
Heard you’re selling drugs,
We’ll come visit you.”

They even tweeted GoT themed image to make it all the more happening.

Netizens were very impressed with this creativity and couldn’t stop laughing at their tweet. However, there was one user who decided to mess with the team. Here’s what he tweeted…

The tweet read, “Why?? You guys have monopoly or running ur own syndicate of drug? Why cant be there more drug dealers??”

Seeing this tweet, Bengaluru police immediately replied,

The tweet read, “We’ll tell you all about it. What number are you on?”

The user must have thought that police is in a mood to have fun and hence, he too tried to troll them, but after getting such a serious reply, he got scared and deleted his tweet immediately.

Meanwhile, check out some hilarious reactions…

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