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Best Boss Ever!!!


Best Boss Ever!!!

Diamond merchant Savjibhai Dholakia has overshadowed every gift or bonus ever given for Diwali!

His employees at Hrishikesh exports got three choices for their Diwali gifts: A car, jewellery or an apartment. The incentive scheme is priced at 3.60 lakh and it covers 1200 employees. This is being given as a Diwali reward for meeting sales targets.


The scheme started in 2011 when only a small proportion of his workers got the gift. Year by year, this proportion increased. This year, all 1200 of them met the sales target!


The employees were extremely satisfied with their boss and were grateful for his generosity.
I wish my boss was like this!

Share this article with your boss. And let us know how he reacts. 😉

Comment and tell us what you got for Diwali from your boss.

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