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Best Tips That Will Make Your Girlfriend Jealous

Best Tips That Will Make Your Girlfriend Jealous RVCJ Media


Best Tips That Will Make Your Girlfriend Jealous

A woman is the first enemy of another woman. There are few things that can make your woman set off and jealous about. Jealousy is an emotion which can make two persons come closer in a relation.  Let’s check top things that can make your girlfriend jealous.

1. Paying for female friends’ bills can be a top reason to make your girlfriend jealous. tumblr_inline_n5yrzr7hnL1swtr26

2. Being over friendly with a female colleague can fuel more on her jealously.


3. Not calling her when something is good at your end brings a level of insecurity and jealousy within her.

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4. Not informing her when something went wrong.


5. Nothing can be as great as mentioning your neighbor’s hot body to your girlfriend.


6. When she wants to speak something important to you, pretend you aren’t listening to her.


7. If you have planned for a trip check out some other girls in front of her.


8. Make her jealous just by complimenting a girl someone she hates.

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