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Bhajji’s Tweet On Hindus & Muslims Made Twitter Angry. Slammed Him


Bhajji’s Tweet On Hindus & Muslims Made Twitter Angry. Slammed Him

Harbhajan Singh always speaks his mind out on a variety of social issues. Sometimes, he gives his views about Cricket, while at times, he freely discusses matters of social importance.

Yesterday too, we got to see an example of his open-mindedness. Bhajji spoke about communal disharmony that was being witnessed in FIFA World Cup 2018. The final match was being played between Crotia and France; he posted such a tweet that garnered attention in no time.

Looks as if Bhajji is damn upset over the clashes that are going on between Hindus and Muslims in our country, which is why he decided to post a message quoting the finals as an example.

The cricketer took to Twitter and posted;

The tweet read, “लगभग 50 लाख की आबादी वाला देश क्रोएशिया फ़ुटबॉल वर्ल्ड कप का फाइनल खेलेगा और हम 135 करोड़ लोग हिंदू मुसलमान खेल रहे है।#soch bdlo desh bdlega”

His tweet meant, “Croatia which has a population of 50 lakhs is playing FIFA World Cup while India which has population of 135 crore is playing Hindu v/s Muslim. Change your thinking, the country will change”.

His tweet garnered mixed reactions from Twitter;

That was epic!

Got slammed!


Focus on sports!

Short sighted statement!

Do you agree with Bhajji’s statement? We would love to hear your views.

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