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Big B Tweeted We Are Still Slaves Of English People. Twitter Trolled Him Left & Right

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Big B Tweeted We Are Still Slaves Of English People. Twitter Trolled Him Left & Right

The versatile Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan has made remarkable achievements in the Hindi film industry and even at the age of 75, he’s quite active, both on the professional front and on social media, especially the micro-blogging site Twitter where he often shares his thoughts and views over something.

Although Big B enjoys a massive fan following, there’s no shortage of people who seek opportunity to troll the megastar and the same happened once again.

Recently, Amitabh took to Twitter and expressed his views over celebrating birthday with cake-cutting ceremony that also includes blowing candles. He seemed to up upset with this western tradition of birthday celebration.

As per him, the English people left this practice and we are still following it blindly as if we are their slaves till date. He further added that in Indian culture, a diya is lit and not blown off as it’s not considered good. He also questioned the custom of singing ‘Happy Birthday’ and suggested that people should instead sing in Hindi.

Here’s what Amitabh Bachchan tweeted,

अंग्रेज़ Happy Birthday  की प्रथा छोड़ गए और हम अभी भी उसके ग़ुलाम हैं ! ये cake क्यूँ ? ये candle क्यूँ ? ये फूँक कर बुझाना क्यूँ ? हमारी सभ्यता में दीप प्रज्वलित करते हैं ; ये उसे फूँक कर बुझाने को कहते हैं ! और ये गाना क्यूँ ! ये गाइए  : वर्ष नव, हर्ष नव

Below is its loose English translation:

“Britishers gave the tradition of ‘Happy Birthday’ to us and we are still their slaves. Why this cake? Why this candle? Why do we blow the candle off? In our culture, we lit diya and they ask us to blow it off? And why this song (Happy Birthday)? Instead sing: new year, new joy”

Check out his tweet:

Even though Big B is right in his perception, Twitter trolled him brutally by calling him double-standard as pics of Amitabh and his family’s birthday celebration have circulated over web and social media.

Check out some selected reactions:

Start it from your home:

Don’t show double-standard:

This is epic:

Any comments?

Who is this man?

The effect of extreme heat:


A jibe at Panama:

What do you have to say about Amitabh’s tweet and the trolling reactions that followed? Do you also think that Big B is double-standard? Let us know your views.

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