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Bigg Boss 11: Bandgi’s Brother Denies News Of Father Being Hospitalised. Here’s The Truth

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Bigg Boss 11: Bandgi’s Brother Denies News Of Father Being Hospitalised. Here’s The Truth

Bigg Boss 11 is more entertaining, enjoyable, controversial and hotter than any other season of the popular reality show. Agree?

The credit for adding the element of romance to BB11 largely goes to Bandgi Kalra and Puneesh Sharma. Their PDA has been making headlines for some days now and it grew to such an extent that host Salman Khan gave a warning to the duo to be careful because their families also watch the show. Nevertheless, Salman’s warning also didn’t have any effect on their PDA and all the limits were crossed when they locked themselves in bathroom.

Following this, a shocking piece of news went viral according to which Bandgi was thrown out of her rented apartment in Mumbai and her father was hospitalised due to high blood pressure. Both these were said to be the outcome of her PDA with Puneesh.

However, according to the latest buzz, the news of her father being hospitalised turned out to be fake and it’s confirmed by none other than Bandgi’s brother Vasu. He revealed that his father is hale and hearty and the family is deeply upset on account of such rumours.

Here’s what he told,

“We are very saddened by these kinds of cooked up stories, my father is very much fit and fine. He is not admitted or visited any hospital. Rather he is busy with his work commitments.”

He further said that these rumours are merely intended to defame his family. In his words,

“We belong to a very reputed family and these kinds of fake and cheap stories are trying to defame my family. But we are strong and will face any situation. Once again I would like to inform that all the stories of my father being hospitalized for being upset with Bandgi are completely fake and I request you all not to believe in such false news.”

Dennis Nagpal, Bandgi’s boyfriend, is also disheartened with the rumours, as he stated,

“I am saddened by the negative news of Bandgi doing the rounds. It does hurt to see these kinds of stories being circulated just to garner attention.”

We wonder how Bandgi Kalra would react after knowing about the rumour.


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