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Bigg Boss 11: Hina And Luv Patched Up. Twitter Is Enjoying Luvina’s Friendship

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Bigg Boss 11: Hina And Luv Patched Up. Twitter Is Enjoying Luvina’s Friendship

The atmosphere inside the house of Bigg Boss is getting heated and intense with each new task and the new BB poultry farm task has added more masala, serving unlimited entertainment to viewers. Not much time is left for declaring the winner and after coming this far in the popular reality show, no contestant wants to get evicted but all of them wish to become the captain. Agree?

As far as the BB poultry farm task is concerned, the garden area has been converted into a poultry farm and a hen is also placed which will lay a golden egg at regular intervals. Each egg will have the image of a contestant who will be eligible for captaincy and the responsibility of that person will be to protect his/her egg from other housemates till the hen lays the next egg. On the other hand, all the housemates will be required to destroy the egg of that contestant whom they don’t want to see as a captain. For this, they need to throw his/her egg into the swimming pool.

The contestants whose eggs are destroyed will be out of the captaincy race while individuals who will be succeeded in convincing others not to destroy their eggs will compete for captainship.

Puneesh was shocked to see how Akash destroyed his egg while Vikas got hold of the egg which had Hina’s photo on it and didn’t give it back to her. At that time, her best friends Priyank and Luv came to her rescue and helped her in getting the egg.

In the same episode, Hina and Luv also had a patch-up. Luv said that her statement for Priyank was not likable on his part to which she said that Luv was stretching the matter unnecessarily and then they made up mind of patching up, leaving aside all the differences.

In fact, their fans are also happy with their patch-up and they took to Twitter to express their excitement. Here are some of the selected tweets:

All’s well that ends well!

Ye toh hona hi tha..

When Hina and Luv are together:


It’s just perfect:

The cutest moment!

Friendship goals:

What do you have to say about the patch-up of Luv and Hina? Let us know.

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