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Bigg Boss 11: Journo Called Hina Khan Mohalle Ki Aunty & Twitter Can’t Stop Trolling Her

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Bigg Boss 11: Journo Called Hina Khan Mohalle Ki Aunty & Twitter Can’t Stop Trolling Her

The temperature is soaring up in the house of Bigg Boss 11 as the finale is getting closer and there is no doubt that the house is divided in two groups – Hina, Vikas and Akash on one side while Puneesh and Shilpa on the other side.

A press conference was held inside the house where reporters grilled the contestants and when Hina Khan was asked whether she is jealous of Shilpa as she has won people’s hearts by cooking food in the kitchen, she said that if the show can be won just by cooking and not doing any task, she would have come on Bigg Boss after learning cooking.

On the other hand, Puneesh supported Shilpa and compared her with an Indian housewife whose work is never given any importance and she always has to listen that she does nothing.

If you remember, Hina accused Shilpa of not taking care of hygiene and cleanliness while cooking and Vikas also supported Hina after which Shilpa refused to cook for these two.

However, Twitterati got crazy when one reporter called Hina Khan “Mohalle Ki Aunty” and Hina was not able to understand what she should do next.

Watch The Video:

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Here’s how Twitter reacted:

This is what the press conference was all about:

Even Kejriwal is better than Hina:

When your tool is used against you:


Short-term memory loss:

Best slap on Hina’s face:


Insult at its best:

Cheap gossip queen:

Even aunties are feeling insecure from Hina:


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