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Biggest Travel Mistakes And How To Avoid Them


Biggest Travel Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Travelling, a modern day trend and an important necessity in today’s fast paced world. All of us take time out to travel, to visit our dream places, to explore and see the huge and beautiful world out there and sometimes just to relax and calm ourselves from all the tension and pressure around us.

But let’s face it, no matter how much we plan; our trip somehow gets messed up due to one or more reasons. So here is a list of some rookie mistakes that we all make while travelling and a few tips to correct them.

1) Not learning the local language.

This may sound like a tedious task as you are going on a vacation but learning a few basics of the local language really helps. It helps you associate more with people and allows you to blend in better with the country’s culture.

2) Visiting only mainstream places.

Yes, one should visit mainstream places but alongside some of the local areas. Visiting the country’s local areas helps you to know the country more and explore it better.

It sometimes takes you out of your comfort zone but it also adds a different kind of fun and excitement to the trip and you never know how blissful memories you end up making there.

3) Not planning on how much to spend.

Going to a more developed country for a vacation really drills a hole down your pocket. You must always plan on how to spend money better and at the places where it is necessary. Also keep your money at different places.

4) Packing everything but the essentials.

A lot of travelers make this mistake; they do a lot of packing because of the fear of leaving things behind. Over packing makes the journey a lot more difficult and somehow limits the fun you planned to have.

5) Missing important documents.

A very essential part of travelling is to keep your documents safe and always with you. Travelling in a foreign land without the legit documents can land you into huge trouble. Visas, passport and all other necessary documents should always accompany you wherever you travel locally.

6) Not blending in with the locals.

Locals are the one who are the actual image of the country. If you really want to know and dwell deep into a country’s culture then blending in with the locals is a must. What’s the point of travelling if you don’t meet new people and don’t make new friends? Always blend in with the locals.

7) Not buying a local SIM card.

If the trip is too long, you don’t always want to pay high international calling rates while talking to your loved ones back home. Buying a local SIM card never costs much and is a real asset.

8) Keeping the expectations too high.

Don’t fall in the trap and expect too much from anything. It always looks more fancy and beautiful in the photos. When you visit a place accept it as it is, without looking for nooks in everything and you would be glad about how happy you will end up being.

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